Household appliances exhibition area: the highest proportion of kitchen appliances


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Household appliances exhibition area: the highest proportion of kitchen appliances

On November 5, the first China Import Expo opened in Shanghai. Home potential in the central area of 5.1H occupies two exhibition areas. The exhibition area of household appliances includes apparel and consumer goods exhibition area on one side, accessories peripheral area and solution area on the other.
From the size of the area, household appliances area accounts for about half of the total 5.1 hall. Although the area of the exhibition area is much smaller than that of professional household appliances exhibition, it still brings together common household appliances brands. And because the organizers have strict requirements for the exhibition brands, most of them are foreign brands, some of which are international brands acquired by Chinese brands, such as General Electric, Sharp and so on.
It is noteworthy that, from the perspective of household appliances exhibited by various brands, kitchen appliances occupy the absolute mainstream. For example, on November 5, Whirlpool released a new "W Series" kitchen products.
New W series kitchen electricity to connect the sixth sense of intelligent cooking technology. Record the user's habits, automatically store and accumulate the user's favorite recipes and cooking methods according to personal preferences, customize the application scenarios, and automatically jump out of the relevant recipes. Users only need to prepare the ingredients according to the suggestion, and then choose the corresponding recipe to enjoy it. How long the cooking time, how much degree of heat preservation, the machine will automatically complete, is really time-saving and labor-saving wisdom technology.
As a new generation of kitchen electrical products, Whirlpool W series products will be officially launched in China in 2019 in synchronization with Europe. It highlights the importance that Huipu attaches to the Chinese market.
With Whirlpool as an American brand, General Electric belongs to Haier Group. At the Expo site, General Electric monopolizes a booth. Although there are not many products on display, kitchen appliances, especially ovens, dishwashers and other products, still show the style of small American kitchen appliances.
The latest dishwashers, smoke stoves, ovens and steamers of Bosch household appliances are also on display at the Bosch household appliances exhibition stand on the side of Hui Erpu.